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Lets talk about stamp duty…

Some of you may have tuned in to the budget and heard the good news but for those of you that haven’t, keep reading!

From November 22nd 2017, first time buyers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will no longer have to pay stamp duty on properties up to £300,000! *I hear a collective sigh of relief*

As we all know, stamp duty can be crippling, especially for first time buyers struggling to get onto the property ladder and dealing with all the other costs of moving, so what does this actually mean for you?

“If you’re a first-time-buyer in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you will pay no Stamp Duty on properties worth up to £300,000. This means if you are a first-time-buyer, you will save up to £5,000. For properties costing up to £500,000, you will pay no Stamp Duty on the first £300,000. You will pay Stamp Duty on the remaining amount, up to £200,000. If the property you are buying is worth over £500,000, you will pay the standard rates of Stamp Duty. For example, if the property you want to buy is worth £450,000, you will only pay Stamp Duty on £150,000.” –The Money Advice Service

Sound good? Well Taylor Made are going to make that even sweeter! We are celebrating this news by offering our first time buyers select rates on conveyancing fees if you use our recommended solicitors- for a limited time only!

Call us now on 01234 302043 to take advantage of this amazing offer and make sure to have a look at our listings!



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